To be part of the solution to the shortage of local health care professionals and build relationships that garner highly valued teamwork and growth.

  • We endorse quality.
  • We are connected to multiple influential healthcare professionals.
  • We are guided by innovative and progressive management.


Dr. Victor Clark, MD – CEO

Dr. Clark is an Internal Medicine trained and Board Certified Physician who initiated his medical career primarily specializing as a Hospitalist Physician in multiple hospital systems. As an owner of multiple companies, he has focused on more administrative roles prioritizing efforts in aiding his physicians in maximizing their value for improved lifestyles that coincide with their busy work schedules. Dr. Clark believes in strong relationships and the value of loyalty.

When Dr. Clark finished his residency, the idea of providing the highest amount of security naturally led him to a permanent position of employment. He believes that far too often, clinicians are so engrossed in their work that their lifestyle never benefits from their sacrifices. After a decade in the medical field and having little control over his time and no significant increase in income, Dr. Clark used his business background to improve upon the “rat race!” He has partnered with specialized colleagues trained in financial structuring, accounting, and legal structure resulting in seamless and individualized corporate structure for clinicians affiliated with Clark Alliance Services.