Clark Alliance providers are hired as Independent Contractors but gain seamless support in maximizing their income and time. Our providers are chosen by referral basis, usually, in efforts to assure that their level of quality meets the CAS standards.


The Hampton Roads area of Virginia includes Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Hampton, Williamsburg, and more.

Personalized Attention.

You will have a recruiter assigned to you and who dedicates their full attention to your needs throughout your assignment. They will work as your liaison to assure that your working environment is optimal and that you know your true worth. They will aide in assuring that your career goals are met and that your desired livelihood is obtained.

Our Integrity.

We strive to provide accurate, honest information about the facilities we are associated with. Significant research into each facility is performed to assure adequate matches for our clinicians.

Constant Growth.

We will always focus towards enlarging our radius of facilities to best serve the desires of our clinicians. Our recruiters will always update our clinicians as to new facilities that may be improved fits for a desired lifestyle. Knowing that everyone is different, we will strive to maintain a variety of options.

Very Strong Compensation.

Clark Alliance Services is specifically designed for the benefit of the Clinician. With a Physician in ownership, CAS has a profound understanding of a clinician’s worth. Therefore, our rates will always be competitive. CAS will provide our clinicians with self-enterprise for the ultimate way to maximize their finances and lifestyles.


We will honor your confidentiality in every way. No information, even your CV, will be shared with any facility or entity without your consent.

Malpractice Insurance

We cover your malpractice for every facility that you are assigned to under contract with MMG. We utilize only A+ rated insurance programs.