We take pride in our clinicians being treated for their worth. When dwelling placement is required, we will place our clinicians in 4-5 star hotels and provide rental vehicles for travel and comfort.

Travel arrangements and expenses.

We will arrange and cover all rental car, housing, and flight arrangements.

Medical Malpractice insurance.

We provide an optimal coverage plan from A rated agencies or better.

Credentialing Admin Assistance.

Our credentialing team combines with that of our contracted facilities to expedite credentialing to limit any delay in our clinicians providing a service and being compensated for such.

Entrepreneurial Guidance and Assistance.

Entrepreneurial Guidance and Assistance.
Once within the CAS Team and actively providing services, clinicians will have the authentic and unprecedented options to be connected with:

  • Expert Financial Managers to assist in maximizing income, retirement planning, investing, and complete financial control, among many other financial benefits.
  • Strong Legal Counsel to assist with appropriate Trust/Will development, Contract Guidance, Legal Tax advice, etc.
  • Business development with establishment of LLC’s, Corporations, etc.
  • CPA guidance for assistance in bank account management, tax management, payroll monitoring, etc