Enhanced Care

Clark Alliance Services offers enhanced and extended care options so that our patients can spend more time outside the hospital and optimize their recovery.  We are a liaison between patients and their physicians, offering enhanced management of a patient’s condition.

Your Health Is Our Mission

Clark Alliance Services Remote Patient Monitoring program is designed to extend and enhance the care and communication for a subset of patients who suffer from chronic illnesses such as Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Diabetes, COPD, Obesity, and other diseases that may be associated with an increased risk of hospitalization.  We do not take the place of Home Health, but we can be used in addition to Home Health to help monitor, educate, and advise our patients of how to better manage their conditions and serve as a liaison to their physicians.

Time Is Valuable

RPM can expedite needs such as prescription refills, appointment scheduling, and physician responses that can otherwise feel delayed.  By avoiding this delay, educating our patients, and constantly monitoring with our clinical equipment for little to no cost to our patients, we can help improve quality of life, optimize recovery, and extend time outside of the hospital.

Our Patients Receive

Specialized equipment that will help to monitor your disease process (scales, glucometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff) with automated upload of readings to our Optimize Health electronic health record system.

Face-to-face set up instructions on how to use the specialized equipment correctly.

One to three calls and/or video chats per month from a nurse who communicates with one of our physicians frequently to assure adequate recommendations are provided.

Frequent monitoring of the readings uploaded from the equipment provided and rapid reporting of worrisome changes to your primary healthcare provider or specialist.

The Five "E"s

Enhanced education, engagement, equipment, encouragement, and empowerment for your health.